Why Videos at Manufacturing Exhibitions?

Participating in exhibitions is an important promotional as well as a lead generation activity for all businesses. But, businesses often find it difficult to demonstrate their capabilities in exhibitions, and it gets even more challenging for manufacturing.

For manufacturing, videos have proven to be a boon in the following ways:


Video is a Great Attraction in Exhibitions
With thousands of stalls in the exhibition, it gets challenging to attract footfall to yours. Moving visuals grab more attention than posters with still images and text. Videos playing on big LED screens with compelling visuals become a great attraction point for your stall.

 Manufacturing Footfall

Video Makes your Machinery Literally Portable
Manufacturing industries make huge investments in the infrastructure but often struggle to showcase because of its gigantic size. Visitors that might become your future prospects come to learn about your manufacturing processes, business-critical machinery, expert staff, etc. An exhibition video alone can deliver all this at once with clear and crisp visuals. Video builds trust and greatly help your customers make the purchase decision.


Describe your Strengths with Content Callouts
Since it is not possible to use voice over in exhibition, content callouts can very well explain your product strengths, key features of the machinery and other relevant aspects.


Visuals have no language barriers and so does a video in an exhibition. By changing the callouts or subtitles, the same video can be used for the international audience.


Lead Generation
Recent studies suggest that 90% of customers claim that the video helped them in making the purchase decision. Video proves to be a great lead generation tool for your business. Visitors/prospects at your stall do not have enough time to make inquiries, even your staff at the exhibition staff may not get the opportunity to explain your capabilities at length. A well made video acts as an excellent sales tool and saves the time of your sales team to focus on other aspects to achieve more sales.


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