Why Video Marketing for Manufacturing

When it comes to marketing and sales, Manufacturing companies usually rely on offline avenues, exhibitions, and references. But since most of your end consumers are searching for the products and solutions online, video marketing becomes highly critical for manufacturing business.


Below are some pointers that should be taken into consideration:

Images or Text Can Be Fake: Showing the manufacturing plant and infrastructure with photos and text fail to gain the confidence of your customers as many companies use fake or stock images.

Videos Show Reality with Rich Content: It is videos, where the actual pieces of machinery are shown in action along with experts at work, quality of raw material being used, technical staff at R&D section, robust quality checks and other streamlined business processes.

Videos Convey Emotions: When you appear in the video or showcase your resources at work, it conveys emotions to the viewers and really speeds up the decision-making process.

Audio Visuals:  The most powerful marketing tool: Audiovisuals are considered to be the most effective tools in marketing as it enables your audience to observe facial expressions and gesture, hear tones and inflections in the voice.

Videos are Shared: Social platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. make video sharing super convenient and manufacturers can easily share their videos with potential customers.


Videos have Tremendous Value in Manufacturing Exhibitions: A powerful video showcasing your infrastructure and capabilities displayed on your manufacturing exhibition stall will not only increase footfalls at your stall but instill more trust and confidence in prospect’s mind.

Increased Conversions: Different researches show that due to various winning attributes video content outperform other marketing content. Powerful visuals of your manufacturing infrastructure, monologues/interviews of senior management with crisp messaging greatly helps in addressing the queries of your customers and take buying decisions.

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