Do you have any SEO Strategy for Your Videos?

Do you have any SEO strategy for videos?

Did you know that the content marketing landscape has drastically changed in past few years?

Information overload has led to decreased attention span, higher bounce rates, dropouts, desperate fight for traffic and much more.

Your text content is becoming redundant and so is its SEO.

Video is the future of content marketing
In 2018, 70% of the internet traffic was video traffic and today, in 2020, it has crossed the 80% mark. The moment you add videos to your products or solution page, you get more time of the user, reduced exits and more queries.

SEO Search engine optimization

Unlike content creation, we don’t see any SEO strategy in video production process
Google loves videos since users prefer video content and pages with videos instantly achieve higher rankings. While companies are happily spending more money on videos, video production process usually does not involve any SEO strategy. Optimizing a video for search engines is complex since reading videos is far more difficult for search engines than reading images.

SEO search engine optimization

Below are the tips to optimize your videos for search engines:

●   Video optimization begins at the pre-production process:
Before storyboarding and the scripting, your creative team needs to look at the following:

■   Traffic trends of the page where the video is to be posted
■   Keyword rankings
■   Keyword research
■   Creating targeted keywords

Leveraging the data and keyword research, pre-production team needs to use these keywords in the voice-over scripts, interviews, and monologues.

SEO search engine optimization

●   Voice over is hugely important:
Search engines can index voices, so when you upload a video with voice over in it, the search engine automatically creates the transcripts for you. A keyword rich voiceover helps search engine to index your video content, giving your video more search engine visibility.

●   Subtitles:
Adding an additional subtitle stream in your video helps search engines create an index of your video and recognize the content in the video. 

And finally, it is not only what you upload but HOW you upload. Two crucial things that are to be taken care  before uploading the final video:

Video Metadata: Like we do competitive research before creating the metadata for our webpage, video tags also require in-depth research to include right keywords in the title, description, and keyword.

Video Analytics: Regular traffic monitoring and enhancements in the video, as well as metadata greatly helps in amplifying your viewership, top rankings, and more brand visibility.

SEO Search engine optimization

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