Video breaks Language Barriers

A business always dreams of expanding its roots internationally. But the most important things to expand a business is to connect; to connect, one needs to communicate and the communication is effective only when the message is delivered successfully. One of the main problems presenting a business internationally is the difference in language. It is important to effectively communicate with the non-English audience as contrary to popular belief, English is the third most popular language in the world.

Language Barrier
Visuals are free from any language barriers and can effectively communicate a business’ strength, showcase manufacturing processes, infrastructure, company’s vision, happy and satisfied clients. 
Making a video for the international audience does not mean that it would have multiple languages, rather a video can have multiple languages without changing the real essence of the video.

Following are the different ways in which the language of the video can be changed:

  • Voiceover
    Due to the versatility of changing a voiceover in a video, breaking the barrier is easy, even though a voiceover falls under the language barrier. Adding voiceover sets the tone of the video, be it humorous or enthusiastic or proud. The tone not only decides the feel of the corporate video but also it helps on persuading the audience. Whatever the motive is, to sell a product or to tell your success story it can be successfully delivered by adding a voiceover.

Voice Over
There is certainly minimal information that can’t be presented in the form of visuals but can be presented with words in the voiceover. The language of the voiceover can be changed at any time in any video without making any changes to the real video. Changing the language of the voiceover can help the business connect with the local audience. Hire a native professional voiceover artist to add a personal touch.

  • Subtitles
    Adding subtitles helps a business video target 2 languages at once. If a person in a video is speaking in English and the audience targeted is Spanish, then by adding subtitles in Spanish the video has 2 languages.

It also helps a video target specially-abled audience that might only be able to read. They also have the opportunity to view your video.
Subtitles also help videos perform better on social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter autoplay videos on mute, here subtitles enable to not lose the content value of the video.

  • Content Callouts
    Content callouts are used to explain the main key features of a business. Direct, crisp and intelligently crafted phrases are used to present these features. With callouts, the same message can be delivered in more than one language at a time.

Callouts are not just simple texts that will appear in the video. Rather text can now be presented as graphics in engaging templates with interesting transitions.

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