Tips To Create Powerful Video Testimonial

Why Client Video Testimonial?

A client video testimonial is an excellent tool for establishing trust, credibility and increasing website conversions by contributing to the purchasing decisions of a customer. Rather than believing in the service provider, customers tend to believe in their peer recommendations to make purchases.

Based on several years of experience in creating successful client testimonial videos for world-leading brands, we have put together a few points:

Planning – Key to a Successful Video Testimonial

Thorough Knowledge: Deep understanding of the solution provided to the client will help to strengthen the video. Help the client, should they forget to add some points or make corrections as required. This, in fact, gives an added benefit during post-production as well to add relevant B-rolls, callouts, graphics etc.

Client Testimonial

Reece the Shooting Location: Usually clients being at distant locations leave little or no chances for pre-inspection of the shoot location. However, if there is an opportunity, inspecting the location prior to shooting will give an idea of the frame settings and the equipment required for the shoot.

Client Testimonial

Check the shoot location thoroughly for lighting requirements, noise or echo, depth of field, background etc. There should be no surprises on the day of the interview. Choose an office background if possible as it is perfect for testimonials and communicates authenticity.


  • Lens: Prime Lens is ideal for shooting interviews such as client testimonials, specifically 55mm and 85mm lenses. It adds a nice bokeh effect in the video and has better aperture compared to other lenses, thus making it an optimal choice for indoor shoot with artificial lightings. For a more blurry bokeh effect, use 85mm Lens.

Client Testimonial

  • CameraIt is recommended to use a 2-camera set-up while shooting interviews as a second camera gives an option for a different angle. It also gives an option for a backup. The additional camera can be used on a slider or gimbal to have moving shots, giving a dynamic appeal to the video.
    While using the slider, remember not to move the slider too fast as it will distract the viewers.

Client Testimonial

  • LightsLighting is one of the most important aspects as it emphasizes the subject and defuses things that are not required. To illuminate and highlight the subject more accurately, it is suggested to use the three-point lighting during the interview, or if there is adequate natural light, use fluorescent LEDs as a supplement.
    Auxiliary lighting is a necessity while shooting; it helps to highlight important features of the subject.

Client Testimonial

  • SoundVideo production teams at times use sub-standard or in-built camera Mic. to record audio during shoots, which is a recipe for disaster. For a professional, studio-grade audio recording, it is recommended to go for options from Sennheiser, AKG, and Rode which also comes with in-built noise and echo cancellation features.
    Although a visible Mic. is seen in many interviews, it is not usual and may make the video look unprofessional, so make sure to carry either a lapel Mic. or Shotgun Mic. or a Boom Mic.

ScriptingHave a readily available natural sounding script(s) if in case the client has not prepared for the interview. You can also have a script with just technical instructions on what the client should speak. Using a teleprompter is also helpful in some cases.


Camera PlacementsIf the shoot is done poorly, the viewers are not going to care what the subject has to say. The camera should focus on the upper torso of the client with appropriate headroom. Leave adequate space for callouts by placing the client on either the left or right side of the frame.

If you have carried an additional camera, the perfect place to mount it is on a 45-degree angle from the primary camera. This will give a better visual output.

Client Testimonial

InterviewSome clients may feel nervous facing the camera for the first time. The most important thing to do before starting the shoot is to build rapport with the client, have a friendly conversation, show real interest in their achievements, or give genuine compliments. This will also make the client comfortable to speak and create a positive environment.

A script can help the client to have the conversation before the shoot as a trial run. If all goes well, start the interview with questions.

Post-Production Process:

Keep it ShortAn effective client testimonial video should optimally be less than 2 minutes. Make all the necessary cuts and edits that make the video direct and to the point. Thorough knowledge of the solution provided will play its pivotal role here in making the video crispier.

MusicMusic is one aspect that keeps the viewer glued to the video. Choose calm music for client testimonials that can make the video appealing.

SubtitlesAdding subtitles to videos is a good practice. A report published by American Press Institute shows that 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute. Adding a subtitle stream in the video will increase the overall reach of the video.

Client Testimonials

GraphicsGraphics are used to improve the overall aesthetics of a video and enhance the visuals. Attractive graphics have a direct impact on engagement. For e.g. add the callouts, transitional animations, graphs, and lower thirds using the same colors as the company logo and other identifications such as their website.

This gives the video an attractive visual presentation and leaves a deeper impact on the viewers.

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