Strategy for Healthcare Videos

As videos are getting more attention and take a major chunk of content marketing, the strategy for each vertical significantly changes since videos convey a message with emotions and have a far greater impact on your audience. Interestingly the approach and strategy for healthcare videos is altogether different and needs to be carefully drafted.

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Here are a few pointers that will help marketers in health care video marketing.

Longer Videos (more is less)
Selecting a doctor for treatment is a critical decision and people do a lot of in-depth research around the experience of the doctor, past history, happy patients and much more. Doctor’s video needs to be rather long, be it an exclusive treatment based videos, testimonials, corporate AV of a Hospital or any other format. Doctors need to give longer interviews, talk more about their experience, approach, etc. in order to gain a patient’s confidence.


Testimonials are the key
Reputation is the greatest tool in 
healthcare and nothing works like word of mouth. When a patient is delighted, they love to speak about their experience. A nicely captured video of your happy patient will absolutely connect with your future patients. Stay away from scripts and let them speak their mind. It is fine to have prompts/questions so they remain focused.

Happy Face

Educate Don’t Sell
Patients want to know Doctor’s deep knowledge, how they approach towards treatment, dos and don’ts and other aspects. Knowledge sharing helps in gaining a patient’s confidence and further queries.

Finally, if you’re not polite in the video, you’re not polite.

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