The Shift to Infographic Videos Amid These Uncertain Times

Right now, companies are scrambling to implement creative ideas not only to stay productive but also to keep the marketing and sales efforts going. In a remote world, bound by ‘social distancing’ and ‘stay at home’ protocols, infographic videos are a great opportunity to tell your brand story and get the attention it deserves.

During this unprecedented time, when shoots are not happening, businesses need to take a remote approach – to showcase how they added value to their client’s business or to make people aware about their new technology or product and how it is relevant to their industry.

Power of Infographic Video

As the Chinese proverb goes, “I hear and I forget; I see, and I remember”, our brains are wired to process visuals faster than text. In fact, 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual, and over 95% of B2B buyers prefer shorter and highly visual content.

According to Weiss-McGrath Report, information delivered using audio-visual means is retained for longer – our brain is designed to absorb the video format – the combination of visuals, movements and audio very quickly.



How Businesses Stand to Benefit

Infographic videos allow you to connect with the audience while being respectful of social distancing and other restrictions in place. Businesses can create infographic videos by leveraging animated graphs and elements, motion graphics, music to make it easier for the audience to consume the content and deliver an engaging experience. 

Some of the advantages of Infographic videos:

Value for Money

You don’t necessarily have to have a big budget to tell your story. From utilizing stock and existing footage to incorporating high-end graphics, businesses can choose to create an infographic video that suits their marketing budget, business goals and satiates their target audience.

Videos are Consumers Favorite Type on Social Media

According to Cisco, by the year 2022, videos will make more than 82% of internet consumer traffic. Combined with over 1200% more shares a social video generates than a text post, infographic videos are critical for companies to capture prospects’ attention online and give them another outlet to find you.

Offshore Infographic Production

The demand for video-based content is all-time high. However, with so many priorities it’s not easier to pull together everything from pre to post-production. Outsourcing not only increases efficiency and lowers costs, but also gives access to a bigger team, better post-production facilities and creative inputs.

Integration with Website and Buyer’s Journey

Studies suggest that a video increases the organic reach of a website by up to 157%. That is the power of video. It improves brand awareness and puts your marketing efforts in overdrive. Depending on each stage of the buyer’s journey, different types of infographic videos such as educational, explainer, success stories, product videos, etc. can be leveraged to assist end-user in decision making.

Power-up the landing pages

According to Unbounce, including a video on your landing page can boost conversion rate by up to 80%. Video on a landing page can go a long way in supporting the offer at hand and drive more sign-ups.

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