Remote Video Production: 7 powerful types of videos that can be shot online

Traditional marketing and advertising received an unforeseen blow by the Covid-19 pandemic. Worldwide cancellation of events, mandatory social distancing and prohibited travel drove the whole world online.

In 2020, people of every demographic not only logged in for work from their homes but also for respite, entertainment and education.

Consumer attention has escalated online and businesses still hesitant to make digital campaigns the focal point of their marketing budget will be soon compelled to catch up.

Increase Outreach with Video First Marketing

Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s Video First strategy in 2016. The pandemic spurred this trend into a global digital movement.

For most businesses creating written and audio content to support and dignify their videos makes even more sense now since 82% of online content is expected to be solely videos by 2022.

Build and Nurture Lasting Relationships

Any type of business can build a stronger connection with their consumers by evoking their emotions. Videos manifest that bond faster through multi-sensory stimulation and low cognitive demand required to watch and understand a visual message.

So, be it a landing page, a website, an email, or a social media channel, posting more videos there will make your viewers stick around longer. This makes them more likely to seriously consider and opt for your solutions and services.

Leveraging the New Normal of Web Meetings

On the other hand, video conferencing became the most reliable tool to support remote working professionals during the pandemic lockdown.

The quality and features of video calls continues to improve rapidly and is expected to integrate augmented reality in the forthcoming years. As such, this medium has also opened up a whole lot of convenient possibilities and alternatives in the field of corporate video production.

Convert video conference business meetings into cost-effective corporate videos

Subject to the availability of an independent high-quality webcam and microphone, most Video calls can be recorded using a good screen recording software and can be edited into a professional grade Corporate video.

The 7 types of videos that a business will now benefit from filming virtually are:

  1. Leadership or Company Message

This form of video can be used by the head of a business or any other company representative to directly address challenges, setbacks and periods of hardship. It can also be used to convey accomplishments and growth strategy or brand identity.

In any case, when leaders candidly face the camera to make announcements or offer their insights, it initiates instant user engagement with the audience.

A brand video as short as a minute can inspire employees of the entire organization or win over several prospects at the same time by demonstrating transparency.

  1. Employee Testimonials

A business that gives a public platform to the voice of their employees offers a comprehensive glimpse of their organization. Views of the workforce not only appear more authentic to all stakeholders but also make the business a more attractive workplace for highly skilled talent.

An Ideal time to capture employee testimonials would be company anniversaries (completing 5, 10, 15 or 20 years) or during online / offline events commemorating milestone moments.

  1. Customer Testimonials

Endorsement from former and existing customers is the best way for a business to prove that their product / service will deliver the value they claim to offer.

97% of B2B customers cited testimonials and peer recommendations as the most reliable type of marketing.  No wonder customer testimonials are considered the crown jewel of all marketing communication because nothing else wins over the trust of potential buyers any faster.

Remote video recording is an ideal solution to reach out to happy customers who are otherwise inaccessible in person due to constraints of time, distance or availability.

  1. Human Resource Accounts

Literally every function of the Human Resource department can be elevated and optimized with video production. Whether we talk about recruitment, onboarding, training, engagement, compliance, retention, motivation or employee recognition, videos will communicate your organizational code more effectively than any other medium.

Virtual filming will allow senior HR personnel to record a large number of videos with convenience causing minimum disruption to routine responsibilities.

Internal Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are a great way to exhibit the diverse perspectives of the executive team in any organization.

Usually a fundamental part of business conferences, public forum think tanks, company meetings and retreats – present web conferencing technology now allows us the possibility to pre-record an issue-specific online discourse. This can be edited into gripping, concise and shareable content that addresses current industry challenges and trends.

  1. External Panel Discussion with Customers

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, consumers and prospects particularly appreciate awareness and solution-oriented content that will help them navigate through uncertainty. Panel discussions with customers allows businesses to acknowledge their social responsibility by directly answering frequently asked questions, clarifying common issues through case studies and  publicizing success stories.

The valuable footage and sound bites from these virtual videos can also be used later in more elaborate promotional or business profile videos.

  1. Video Podcast with Thought Leaders

Automation and Artificial Intelligence coupled with changing Macroeconomic factors are likely to bring several structural changes in business organizations while disrupting and reorganizing the job market.

Companies will benefit from discussing and documenting the foreseeable challenges and possible resolutions related to their industries by reaching out to thought leaders of their field. This type of content will go a long way in securing the confidence of investors, customers, prospects and all other stakeholders.

Post-production – The defining element to convert simple video recordings into a marketing video.

While live video calls increase engagement and provide real time interaction with a widespread audience, small issues such as poor sound quality, pixelated video, frozen video, blackouts may hurt the company’s image and alienate the audience just as easily.

Valuable content is best served pre-recorded and edited to perfection to maximize its influence.

Remote Video Production: A Viable and Hassle-free Alternative

Although there is no substitute for capturing the onsite footage of a live work environment, businesses can still ride the wave of remote access with cost-effective virtual filming of relevant monologues, announcements and online discussions.

Our team at Trueline Media has facilitated several business leaders to access hard to reach prospects through relevant business videos.  We have successfully delivered end to end solutions to several organizations by creating fitting video content for every stage of the marketing funnel. We have also been helping various organizations across the globe develop compelling customer testimonials. In case you’re interested, we’ll be happy to help.

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