Leverage LinkedIn Live to Maximize Brand Visibility and Engagement

Stating that LinkedIn is a powerhouse social network for B2B decision-makers is a wild understatement. In a world where companies grapple with new business development, lead quality, and lead generation, LinkedIn opens doors to an audience of over 690 million in more than 200 countries.

Upping the game, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Live in 2017. Since then, the video has become the most consumed type of content on LinkedIn and rightly so.

LinkedIn Live is a live video streaming service that allows companies to broadcast real-time videos generating maximum engagement. According to LinkedIn, live videos are likely to generate 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than the native video produced by the same broadcasters.

How Brands Can Make the Most of LinkedIn Live

From startups to Fortune brands, there are some interesting ways businesses can utilize LinkedIn Live to connect with relevant audiences around the globe.

 New Launches and Events

Ever wonder why tech companies, manufacturers, automakers, to retail giants and pharmaceutical companies Livestream their product launches, updates, or announcements?

These organizations do so for one simple reason – it works.

Right camera, lighting, and audio equipment can make a great live streaming set up. Combine it with a third-party broadcast tool such as Wirecast, Socialive, Switcher Studio, and Wowza- you are good to go live on LinkedIn.

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility

Host a panel discussion or run live Q&A session focused on CSR, sustainability, diversity or inclusion. The panelists can talk about the various initiatives, their experiences and showcase, how as an organization they truly care about the community. It will help people see your brand’s human side, connect with you and trust your brand.

Thought leadership Content

As an expert in the field, businesses can become the biggest source of information and inspiration using LinkedIn, tapping into a large B2B audience with highly engaging content – conferences, Q&As, and sessions led by influencers and mentors.

Show Company Culture

Looking to get the best talent onboard? LinkedIn can be an effective tool to get new talent for your organization. LinkedIn Live can give potential candidates a peak into the behind the scenes of your work site or office. A happy work culture coupled with positive employee testimonials not only helps attract good talent but has a lasting impact on your customers as well.

Live Editing. A Great Advantage

Your LinkedIn Live broadcast may not be of the highest quality possible right now, but live editing can make it aesthetically appealing to the audience using a variety of elements. Special effects, dynamic callouts, B-roll to support and make the scenes smooth and Cut-in (Insert Shot) are some live editing techniques that can help you produce high-quality work that your audience can relate to.

Final Word

LinkedIn Live is a very powerful tool businesses can leverage to scale the reach of their events and interact with the relevant audience in a more interactive and engaging fashion. It can save organizations a lot of effort and financial resources while supporting business objectives.


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