Ingredients that Make a Corporate Film Successful

Video – The Future of Content Marketing

Reducing attention span is creating enormous challenges for marketers to keep the users hooked and provide maximum information in the least possible time. The attention span is now driving the design thinking, web strategy, content marketing and much more.

Our brains love videos because they are programmed to retain visual content better than words. Studies show that users remember an average of 95% information when it is watched, and only 10% when read.

Corporate Film Complements your Homepage

When users land on your homepage, they want to know everything about your business in a short time, this is where a Corporate Film becomes the ultimate solution.

Corporate Film is Different from Other Videos

A Corporate film, unlike other videos, have a specific approach where it aims to provide a 360-degree view of the organization by touching all the key aspects, and not going into the details of each.

Ingredients that Make a Corporate Film Successful:

  • Broad View of the Organization: Touching history, milestones,  growth, locations and other such aspects set the tone of the video and bring greater engagement, especially when demonstrated with the help of appealing motion graphics, clear content snippets, and high-impact voice over.

  • Customer Portfolio: Showcasing customer base in terms of geo-locations, industry verticals, and brands you have worked with gives a bigger picture of your business and conveys organization’s reach, expertise, and strengths.
  • Awards and Achievements: Awards are a permanent mark of quality and innovation. Calling attention to awards and achievements in the video will cement business’ trustworthiness and highlight its innovative and quality-driven approach.
  • Product and Services: Products and solutions strengthen your business portfolio. A beautiful showcase of your products, services, and solutions with the help of dynamic animations and graphics drive the viewer’s attention and make them interested in your offerings.
  • Testimonials: Two or three professionally recorded testimonials of your loyal and happy customers validate your expertise and establish immense credibility. Video testimonials evoke positive emotions and generate trust and confidence within your target group.
  • Leadership Team: People prefer to do business with someone they know, like, or trust. Short leadership team monologues will help convince your potential clients and make the Corporate Film more gripping.
  • Company Culture: An organization is made of its people. Showcasing company culture in a Corporate Film helps attract top talent, motivates existing employees, and supports a positive brand image.

Approach of Corporate Film Varies According to Industry

Approach of a Corporate Film significantly differs based on the nature of business. Frames, backdrops, animation, motion graphics, and colors are always in sync with the nature of business. For example, a Corporate Film for an IT company will have a different theme, colors, and style of graphics as opposed to a manufacturing company.

Corporate Film – Your Swiss Army Knife

Having an ability to showcase various aspects under one reel, a Corporate Film becomes an invaluable asset which can be leveraged for various purposes like sales meetings, business exhibitions, social platforms, landing page, etc.

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