How we help our Clients get Perfect Video Testimonials through Remote Video Recording

If you want more sales, then you need more testimonials. No business can ever have enough customer endorsements. If your business website has a wide base of diverse clients voicing their approval on your website, you increase the odds of a gaining a bigger market share in your domain.

Why should you opt for Remote Video Testimonial Recording? 


If your loyal customers are not available in person due to the constraints of time, distance or any other limitation, then reach out to them online.


Key benefits of recording testimonials remotely are that –


  1. It saves time – A remote setup does not carry the hassle that comes with travel. Remote arrangements take a lot less time than required by a video production team to organize their sophisticated equipment at an actual set while coordinating with the team.


  1. It saves money – Now business owners on a budget have an alternative of investing in multiple testimonials recorded remotely than just burning all their cash on one expensive video.


  1. It is convenient – Your customers are more likely to cooperate when they can offer their input from the comfort of their home.


  1. It is safe – The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, established newfound concerns over safety among the masses. This apprehension has encouraged people to embrace and prefer remote technologies.


  1. It is fast – Subject to the availability of suitable pre-existing stock footage, remotely recorded testimonials require the least amount of time for post-production. You may have a testimonial to post on your website and social channels as early as a couple of days.


The convenience of remote video recording is offset by many limitations.  Hence, to draw out the most value from this medium, the subject needs perpetual supervision, guidance and reassurance. The following considerations make a huge difference.


  1. We insist upon a prior conversation, preferably through a video call


It is important to explain to the chosen subject the importance of their genuine feedback and how it aligns with the visualized outcome of the final video. In place of a face to face conversation, a video call is the second best option for this discussion.

It makes sense to reach out to only those people who are comfortable speaking in front of the camera. But no matter how self-confident they might be as individuals, we still need an informal video call to warm up the subjects to the people who would be directing their testimonial remotely.


  1. Send a series of questions in advance to guide the narrative. It will create an authentic, engaging and an informative testimonial.


The customers that you choose for your client testimonials should ideally be those who are likely to be most relatable for your target market. It’s the easiest way to speed up the decision making process of your prospects. When a potential buyer hears about the different ways a brand has benefitted other people with similar needs, they feel the itch to experience the same benefits.


To establish the above narrative in a way that appears natural and unscripted, send the subject a series of tentative questions instead of a script. Viewers can easily spot memorized content and that will make them skeptical.


  1. We help your customers look their best on video


Looking good on camera is influenced by several factors. It is not just about appearance and attire. But, when it comes to clothing, the subject should avoid all black or all white outfits and any print that has intricate fine lines or busy patterns. Wearing plain, dark colors would be optimal.


We also look for suitable filters in our preferred screen recording software to cover up any imperfections of the respondent.


Other major considerations include ideal lighting and a flattering camera angle. To get them just right as per the tools at our disposal, we recommend a rehearsal with the director of photography who would be guiding the subject while filming their actual testimonial.

  1. Background and sound quality also make a major contribution to the aesthetic of the testimonial video


Neutral backgrounds with minimal clutter are most desirable while filming testimonials. At the most, subjects should have only one or two points of interest such as a wall clock or a potted plant. If possible the director of photography can virtually assess the possible setup options available at the subject’s location during the introductory video call.


Remote locations allow absolutely no control over unforeseen noise distractions. Hence, it is important to advise the subject about not choosing a place by an open window, keeping their smartphone on silent and letting other members of the family know about the time and day of the remote video shoot.


  1. Invest in a standard equipment kit


Business owners who are already aware of the power of testimonials and would like to acquire more of them periodically, that is, every month, season or year, should consider investing in a standard equipment kit.


The kit should include an easily replaceable, moderately priced but a reliable webcam, mic and portable light. Dispatching a standardized kit to the subject before filming them remotely will ensure that all your video testimonials are high quality and subscribe to the same standard.


The starting price of a competent kit would be about $200 US Dollars.


  1. Finally, we maintain a perpetual supportive loop of feedback and direction while recording the testimonial


Just about any number of technical issues may arise while filming the testimonial. If we are there to troubleshoot those problems for the subject, then he or she can comfortably focus on delivering the content.


To further put them at ease, we ensure frequent breaks and suggest re-takes when required.


You can never go wrong with Video testimonials


In case you are wondering that it would be so much easier to just get a customer’s testimonial in writing rather than jump through so many hoops for a remote recording then let us assure you that a remote production is worth the effort.


Video testimonials escalate the purchasing process even more promptly then a customer’s endorsement in text. Most prospects want to buy a tried and tested product or service in the market that has already proved its worth to somebody else. Video is a holistic representation of that message.


Video + Testimonials = Winning Content Strategy


We have successfully delivered end to end solutions to several organizations by creating fitting video content for every stage of the marketing funnel. We have also been helping various organizations across the globe develop compelling customer testimonials. In case you’re interested, we’ll be happy to help.

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