4 Reasons Why Your Videos Aren’t Getting More Views

A significant amount of time, money, and efforts go into making a high-quality video but many times it fails due to a few wrong steps that look insignificant yet are vital. Contrary to popular beliefs, gaining more views is easy; one just has to know the right steps.

Below are a few best practices to gets more views:

Shorter Length
On any video hosting platform, videos up to 2 minutes garner maximum views, have fewer dropouts, and have a higher engagement rate as people, after they read the title (discussed below), tend to look at the duration before clicking on it. This does not mean longer videos are redundant, but if your video is not educative/informative, 
proceed with caution after two minutes and have highly engaging content to retain the audiences.

video length

Optimized Video Dimensions
Netizens love vertical and square videos due to their handheld devices. If your video is failing, given the fact that around 80% of total internet traffic consumed by videos, maybe it is not optimized with the popular video dimension format.

See if your video fits the below mentioned popular formats:

  • Facebook: Vertical Video
  • Instagram: Square Video
  • YouTube: Horizontal and Vertical Video
  • LinkedIn: Vertical Video

vertical vs horizontal

Thumbnails, being the interface of your video, needs to represent the bigger picture. Thumbnails dominantly displaying the objective of the video, 2-3 letter of bold text or a human face tends to push the play rate by up to 70%.

Unaligned keywords, long title, description with scattered tags barricade a video’s success. Try not to exceed 70 characters as the best practice when setting the title and 1000 characters in the description, and have more aligned keywords for optimal reach and a higher ranking.


It is indeed puzzling for someone who has spent a ton of money and time on making a video and it fails to reach more audience. However, with a well thought out strategy and few right steps, as discussed above, can get you more views.

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