6 Tips for High-Impact Video Testimonials

Word of mouth is considered to be the most successful and trusted form of marketing, but if testimonials are not natural, they are not testimonials, are they? Testimonials look fake and scripted if not done right.

Already tried several things and still not able to figure out how to get the best video testimonial? Some of the reasons why your testimonial is not as effective as you thought it would be are:

  • Confused clients
  • Scripted speech
  • Too serious
  • No clarity


Here are a few pointers for a deeper insight that can help you create a really impactful video testimonial:

  • Clarity: It is absolutely natural for someone to be nervous and confused in front of the camera. Make sure to give a quick brief to the client before the shoot as the major reason behind their nervousness is that they are not clear what to speak.

client testimonial

  • Strictly No Scripts: Having no script is literally the best way to show the interview is not scripted. The more impromptu it will be, the more natural it will look, a testimonial with no expressions, no pauses, no variations makes it look fake and flat.
  • Ask Questions: Ask triggering questions with why and how to makes your client’s answers complete and long. Choose the best ones during post-production. Capturing the client’s natural body language like pauses and eye rolls make the video look natural.


  • Aesthetically Appealing: A video is seen first, heard second. Choosing a backdrop with the right depth will make the video aesthetically appealing. Instead of making the client stand in front of a wall, an office setup with working employees in the background will add more depth and will give a more appealing look.
  • Add subtitles and callouts: Popular Social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram play videos on silent by default. Adding subtitles and callouts in the video can increases the online ranking while delivering the message in the video to the viewers at the same time.


Always remember to choose the happiest and satisfied client for your video as a testimonial has the strength to make or break your company’s reputation. It can get you more clients and help retain the existing ones.
Remember these tips and next time you’ll surely get a better video testimonial.

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